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Case IH Parts / Gold Value Parts

Hi Line Farm Equipment believes a highly trained, professionally certified, and friendly staff is the key to any dealerships success. Each member of the parts team undergoes consistent and ongoing training every year, utilizing a variety of resources from online courses and factory training across all equipment lines they represent to successful completion of apprenticeship programs. Whether over the phone or in person you can be sure that you will receive the right part on time, the first time. There is no better way to keep your equipment working than using Genuine OEM Replacement Parts and with over 18,000 sq feet of parts storage dedicated to the key components you need to stay in the field, Hi Line Farm Equipment has what you need when you need it. Dedicated to providing customers with all the tools and parts they need to decrease downtime and increase profitability, you can now search and buy online from the parts department. Select your brand, input your model number and begin viewing the most comprehensive machinery parts books online. Select what you need, submit your order and have it shipped to you or pick it up in store later that day.

Quality Re-manufactured

CNH re-manufactured core components such as engines and transmissions are not simply repaired they are re-manufactured to original specifications and quality tested making them the ideal replacement for your equipment. In these high tech facilities all components are examined for hidden cracks or flaws, completely disassembled, cleaned and checked again for quality and functionality. Once a core has been fully inspected the re-manufacturing process begins with the replacement of high stress parts. Bearings, pistons and grease plugs are removed and OEM replacements are installed. Other high endurance components such as heads and crank shafts go through an additional screening process to check for cracks and other flaws that could potentially lead to failure. To ensure that every re-manufactured component will be in working condition when it comes out of the facility, CNH uses high precision equipment and instrumentation throughout the entire process checking and then reviewing every tolerance. Every aspect of the re-manufacturing process is carefully monitored by certified quality control personnel, who do everything from verify the instrumentation being used is correctly calibrated to testing the wash out water for sediment and other particles that could contaminate the process. Once every component has completed individual testing and cleaning, they are reassembled and then tested again as a complete assembly. During this final testing the components are put under the same or more stress than what they will operate under in the field. Contact one of the parts representatives at Hi Line Farm Equipment for more information.